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Michelle and Company have the tools and network to reach a large audience of propective buyers. Their marketing is the best offered by any Westport realtor. They get the job done right.– Jeff & Maureen Cook
I choose Michelle&Company because I figured Michelle would represent me the best and understood the styling and type of house I had, and therefore would be able to sell it the best! The experience of selling the house was a good one, and it was a quick and right action.– Nicoline Scheffer
Who knew how easy and pleasant it would be to sell a house? The dedicated and professional staff of Michelle&Company supported us all the way. The marketing skills of Michelle Genovesi are second to none. Yeah Team!– Ray & Anne Granville
Listing Agent – Best in the Business! Michelle Genovesi has sold 2 of my houses (over a 12 month period). She is the best! I totally trust her ability to assess the property and the buyer!– Lillian August
You all delivered on the promises you made. Your service and response times were excellent. I liked how you solved problems before they became problems.– Brian & Lucia Gulbransen

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